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[Dept. Heaven World Guidance] → Dept. Heaven Glossary Translation [Aug. 22nd, 2009|04:36 pm]


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This is a translation of the 91 terms in the four-page "glossary" section of the Dept. Heaven World Guidance book, this series' canon bible. There's a shit-ton of text packed into those four pages, and I've been working to translate all that text since June. It's finally done, so here you all go.

There's some incredibly important information in here, as well as SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES. There's also a lot of fun and useful worldbuilding stuff here, which I hope you find enjoyable and educational.

One last thing--I don't mind if you link to this post from everywhere on the planet, since this information's meant to be shared. But credit me for the translation, and don't repost this stuff anywhere. This took an incredible amount of work; PLEASE respect that.

Dept. Heaven Glossary

1. アマルディア人 (Amardia race); Knights in the Nightmare
The name of their tribe comes from that of their dawn goddess, Amardi. They are nomads coming from the far east who generally travel in small family units. Putting their faith in Amardi—and to spread that faith—they have undergone two great migrations. During the second of those migrations, some Amardians settled down and joined the ranks of the Gleivnir knights. Today, the kingdom is roughly ten percent Amardian; they are an extreme minority and stand out in public because of their exotic brown skin. Although it varies by individual, generally the race has been accepted. They are thought to have a wild disposition.

2. アンカルジア (Ancardia); Yggdra Union
The place where Marietta bestowed the holy staff upon Yggdra. In posterity, the staff was also named “Ancardia”. Nessiah’s flesh is sealed here; the island remains submerged beneath the ocean.

3. アンク (Ankh); Yggdra Union
Magical weapons that contain extraordinary power. When fired, they produce a laser-like beam. Two Ankhs fused together are known as an Ankh Cannon, which vastly surpasses the power of a single Ankh. Once it is fired, all that is left of its target is scorched earth.

4. 戦乙女 (Valkyrie); Yggdra Union
Said to be phantoms, they are the most powerful of the Imperial Army’s top-tier warriors. Luciana and Aegina are twins, and Yggdra’s elder sisters. They were hated and abandoned, but found in Bronquia and treated as specially gifted as they grew up.

5. 五頭竜将 (five Dragon Generals); Yggdra Union
The top five generals of the Imperial Army: Nessiah the Prophet, God of War Baldus, Black Knight Leon, Astral Fencer Russell, and Scarlet Princess Emilia.

6. イングジッド人 (Ingeid race); Knights in the Nightmare
“Those who harbor wisdom”. They have pale complexions. Like the Elvale, they are few in number and make up only about ten percent of the kingdom. Many of them wind up with high-ranking positions through their naturally great intellect. Since they joined the knight orders, they have also become known as superior mages with substantial power. Although it varies by individual, they are thought of as a gentle race, and they are a privileged people despite being foreigners.

7. インフェルノス (Accursed); Dept. Heaven
Beings residing in Niflheim that carry immense power. They are high-ranking demons who serve as the subordinates of the demon gods. The Accursed occupy the rank just below the demon gods; the difference between the two ranks and the abilities necessary to ascend them are intelligence and competence.

8. ウンディーネ族 (Undines); Yggdra Union
A water-dwelling race of women, the founders of the Sovereignty of Embellia. They use the Transmigragem to prolong their existence. Also known as “People of the Water”.

9. 叡智の聖杖 (Scepter of Wisdom); Yggdra Union
The holy staff “Ancardia” that the guardian angel Marietta bestowed upon Yggdra. It was the sign of a new age where wisdom would be used to rule countries instead of power. It’s rumored to hold the wisdom of the gods.

10. エルヴァール人 (Elvale race); Knights in the Nightmare
Those of noble blood. About ten percent of the kingdom is made up of distinguished families and aristocrats who belong to this race, including the royal family. Because they’re the same race as the royal family, they are mostly loyalists, so they are trusted by royalty and given important jobs. Despite the population ratio, there are many Elvale people in the knight orders.

11. エンベリア公国 (Sovereignty of Embellia); Yggdra Union
Country of the Undines, ruled by Queen Emelone. Her capital, the Aqua Palace, floats upon the lake. Undines and humans coexisted here.

12. ガーディアンナイツ (Guardian Knights); Knights in the Nightmare
The large knight order led by Grand Marshal Ganzer. They excel in defense, so they are assigned to protect Ft. Gerhalt, the linchpin of the kingdom’s defensive line.

13. カーディナルナイツ (Cardinal Knights); Knights in the Nightmare
The knight order mobilized for both political and tactical means, led by Cardinal Capehornus. It’s small in scale, but can take pride in the power of Leonel, Aqueline, and Yellma, three of its members.

14. 神々 (the gods); Dept. Heaven
The magnificent existence that created the multitude of worlds. Originally one united god, but there are many deified entities. They were destroyed in Ragnarok, after which their will was succeeded by the Seven Magi.

15. 騎士団 (orders of knights); Knights in the Nightmare
These are the twelve bands of knights which are the symbol of the Gleivnir Knight Kingdom. Each knight order has a separately decided role, and they function to protect the country and its people.

16. 巨樹の頂 (the Apex); Riviera: The Promised Land
The canopy of the forest ruins. From here, the expanse of the entire forest can be seen. Heavenly Dragon Lindwurm rules as its king.

17. キングズナイツ (King’s Knights); Knights in the Nightmare
The knight order led directly by Lionheart King Willimgard. In addition to serving as royal bodyguards, they take orders directly from the king and prince. It has few members compared to other knight orders.

18. 空中庭園リヴィエラ (Holy Garden Riviera); Riviera: The Promised Land
The promised land, entrusted to the Sprites as the land of the gods’ second advent. “The Retribution”, a fearsome power able to revert everything to nothingness, is sealed there. It was originally a part of Utgard.

19. グレイヴニル騎士王国 (Gleivnir Knight Kingdom); Knights in the Nightmare
The state which governs the twelve knight orders, based around the old castle. Since ancient times, the summit has been kept by those of royal blood. Its main land surrounds Lake Noir.

20. 549号 (#549); Knights in the Nightmare
A young female test subject, codenamed “Primea”, who wields the fake Diviner “prototype model Skadi”. She is an incomplete Grim Angel following Hector.

21. ゴートの七賢 (Seven Magi); Dept. Heaven
Proxies of the gods, and successors of their will. They are the most powerful of all organizations in Asgard. Unlike the gods, they are humanoid beings with emotions and desires.

22. 告死天使 (Grim Angels); Dept. Heaven
A race of angel seen in Asgard. They are an irregular existence created in the gods’ wars with demons. The gods’ bodies were wounded and their blood was spilled, creating angels with glossy black wings and ashen skin. They stormed the battlefield and proved their prowess using Diviners, carrying the power of the gods. Diviners are weapons holding the gods’ powers, and to be able to handle them properly, each Grim Angel makes an appropriate sacrifice. Because things with their power cannot be allowed to act for a long time, they are sealed in the angels’ cemetery during times of peace. The gods awaken them during crises. Their life expectancy is unknown. Many of them are never awakened, because their existence is so unstable.

23. 古城アーヴェンヘイム (Ancient castle Aventheim); Knights in the Nightmare
Built on St. Celestina island, floating on the northern coast of Lake Noir, this huge castle is the center of the Gleivnir Knight Kingdom. It is said that the ancient Tiamat race were the original constructors. The kings who united the kingdom focused on the castle, adding it to their territory in their history of expansion and defense through the power of the knights.

24. 古代種 (Vanir); Yggdra Union
The indigenous people, such as Milanor and Kylier, who once thrived in this land. The expansionist Kingdom of Fantasinia drove them out, and they now struggle to survive in the desolate lands. It is rumored that Milanor is a descendant of the Vanir’s royal family.

25. 言の葉 (fragments of words); Yggdra Union
The origin of the power sealed in Nessiah’s Tactics Cards. Since time immemorial, power has resided in fragments of words; Nessiah seems to have used this concept. By giving form to specific sentences as “sounds”, it’s possible to draw out that power.

26. 湖畔の町警備隊 (lakeside town garrison/Town Keepers); Knights in the Nightmare
The knight order organized to protect the town on the other side of the lake. Grand Marshal Ganzer, often stationed at the town, appointed Commander Rolf to take over for him there.

27. サンクチュアリ (Sanctuary); Knights in the Nightmare
The last holy sanctuary of the Tiamat race. It is connected to the ancient castle Aventheim, but because of the powerful barrier, it wasn’t discovered for a very long time.

28. 367号 (#367); Yggdra Union
A young female test subject wielding the fake Diviner “Test Skadi II”. She’s ordinarily very timid in temperament, but when her Diviner is released, she becomes bloodthirsty and haughty.

29. 死神デス (Grim Reaper Death); Riviera: The Promised Land
One of the Accursed. He lies in wait for Ein’s party at the heart of Pieta, the holy land of death. He seems to have a strong hatred for angels.

30. 死の聖地ピエタ (The Pieta, Holy Land of Death); Riviera: The Promised Land
The sacred land of darkness that controls death, which lies across the underground lake. The powerful miasma in this land leads those who walk there to their deaths. It is ruled by Grim Reaper Death.

31. 十二精霊 (Twelve Sprites); Riviera: The Promised Land
The heroines who appear in Riviera all belong to one of the “Twelve Sprites”. Cierra: One member of the Twelve Sprite Races who govern wisdom. Serene: One member of the Twelve Sprite Races who govern courage. Lina: One member of the Twelve Sprite Races who govern serendipity. Fia: One member of the Twelve Sprite Races who govern justice. It’s currently unclear which Sprite races live in which lands.

32. 守護聖獣アガルタ (Guardian Beast Aghart); Riviera: The Promised Land
The guardian beast that Ursula summoned. There are many types in Riviera, and they exist to protect it. One was defeated by Ein and Ledah at Heaven’s Gate.

33. 守護石アクアリウム (Guardian Stone Aquarium); Riviera: The Promised Land
Three stones protecting the Retribution, which exist in the holy realm Yggdrasil. If these guardian stones are destroyed, actuating the Retribution will become possible. Ledah and Malice destroyed them.

34. 神界 (Asgard); Dept. Heaven
Gods and angels live in this realm of absolute, unchanging holiness. It is a world where order is preserved over all other things. The Seven Magi rule there in place of the dead gods.

35. 神剣エクセリオン (Divine Sword Einherjar); Riviera: The Promised Land
Ein’s Diviner. It is said to be an incredibly powerful Diviner which releases a devastating holy attack. It’s probably named after Ein himself.

36. 神圏マセラティ (Divine Sphere Mjollnir); Yggdra Union
A replica of a Diviner created with alchemic refinement and a bit of luck. It’s no match for a real Diviner, but still holds great power. If the refinement process fails, it becomes “Mjollnil”.

37. 神槍ローレライ (Divine Spear Lorelei); Riviera: The Promised Land
Ledah’s Diviner. It gives off a powerful flame. It’s named “Lorelei” after the first Grim Angel to use a Diviner.

38. 神代兵器 (Divine Weapon); Riviera: The Promised Land
The divine weapon which fires infinite laserlike beams, Fanelia. It was deep underground Elendia, the Sprites’ forest. It was written in the Divine Scripture where it would be.

39. 神罰 (The Retribution); Riviera: The Promised Land
When the gods were on the verge of defeat, they sealed a crystal containing their wisdom within Riviera. It seems to hold the power to revert everything to nothing and begin the world again, but the real consequences of releasing it are unknown. Because of that, there are protections both within and outside Riviera.

40. 神斧トゥール (Divine Axe Skadi); Riviera: The Promised Land
Malice’s Diviner. It gives off a fierce chill. Unlike Einherjar and Lorelei, it was artificially made by Hector.

41. 神魔戦争 (Ragnarok); Dept. Heaven
The large-scale war that began the destruction of the gods. Many Grim Angels lost their lives to secure a heroic victory. The “Ragnarok” spelled “shinkaisensou” would have taken place in a scenario where Yggdra had invaded Asgard.

42. 聖域ユグドラル (Holy Realm Yggdrasil); Riviera: The Promised Land
A holy realm said to exist somewhere in Riviera. It is protected by the three guardian stone Aquariums and the prayers of the goddess Ursula. In its normal state, it is a special realm that can never be found.

43. 聖剣グラン・センチュリオ (Holy Sword Gran Centurio); Yggdra Union
The holy sword passed down the Fantasinian royal family for generations. Only those of royal blood are capable of handling it. Fantasinia believes that the sword has protected and led them through the ages, but the truth is that Nessiah gave it to them in order to free himself; it is a simple magic sword leading them to ruin.

44. 聖杖アンカルジア (Holy Staff Ancardia); Knights in the Nightmare
The source of the guardian angel Marietta’s power. A holy staff she received from the gods. Zolgonark stole it, and hid it in the treasure room.

45. 西方混成部隊 (Western Cavalry); Knights in the Nightmare
A knight order which was founded as a precaution against rebellion by foreign races. It isn’t filled with knights from the kingdom, but rather with members of those same foreign races, so it has a strong sense of being a vigilante group rather than a knight order. To keep the residents from becoming hostile, the locals have been made members. This order seems to be tied together by the control of Cardinal Capehornus, who bribes the local authorities.

46. 聖魔セトラ (Holy Demon Seth-Rah); Riviera: The Promised Land
The ultimate existence, created from the fusion of Hector of the Seven Magi and Seth, the Sprite of Death. An absolute god with sublime power. Seth was the stronger of the two originally, so Seth-Rah is feminine in appearance.

47. 精霊 (Sprites); Riviera: The Promised Land
A general term for those related symbiotically to various natural life forms on the surface worlds made by the gods. Sprites are creations of the gods. In order to protect the stability of the surface worlds, it’s said that they created the respective Sprites and natural life forms as protectors, guardians, and purifiers.

48. 精霊の森エレンディア (Elendia, Forest of Sprites); Riviera: The Promised Land
A beautifully green and peaceful forest where Sprites live. Extensive magical research is done here. The elder’s house is in the middle.

49. セント・セレスティナ島 (Island of St. Celestina); Knights in the Nightmare
A small island floating on Lake Noir. It is ruled by King Willimgard. In order to promote class mobility, all the different classes are intermingled.

50. 大魔導師バロイ (Grand Sorcerer Valois); Yggdra Union
A now-famed mage, the ancestor of the Branthèse and Esmeralda families. Despite rumors that the government of the world would be influenced by the progress of his magic, it was said that he failed halfway to his goal. Therefore, the mages of Verlaine Hills’ greatest desire is to fulfill the last wish of their ancestor and discover the strongest magic.

51. タクティクスカード (Tactics Cards); Yggdra Union
Sealed by “fragments of words”, power is kept in these cards. These cards possess various differing abilities. Nessiah made them, and gave them to people to help their quarrels escalate.

52. 堕天使アークエンジェル (the fallen archangel); Riviera: The Promised Land
One of the Accursed. This is the fallen form of Marietta, who was once a guardian angel. She lost her power when she fell, but she received the power of revenge and a great sense of hatred from a pact with a demon god.

53. 堕天使アリエス (Aries the Fallen); Yggdra Union
Originally a Grim Angel, Aries was cast out from Asgard after committing a “great wrongdoing”. He was cursed with eternal life through repeated reincarnation. His original body is sealed within Ancardia, the Lost Paradise.

54. 魂 (soul); Knights in the Nightmare
There is no world after death, but the soul still exists. The extinction of a soul = death, is the general definition for mortals of the world. If the soul is separated from the body for a long period of time due to a curse, it weakens and inevitably extinguishes.

55. 地上 (surface world); Dept. Heaven
The many worlds the gods created. Each world is separate in time and space, and none of them interfere with each other. However, unconfirmed reports exist that even the gods don’t know about.

56. 調停者 (Arbitrator); Knights in the Nightmare
An existence given special power by Asgard in order to manage the surface worlds. It’s said that neither those from Asgard or Niflheim have had the power to interfere with the surface worlds since then. For generations, those of the Gleivnir family have been this Arbitrator.

57. ティアムート族 (the Tiamat); Knights in the Nightmare
The ancient race descended from the dragon gods, which has lived in this land since ancient times. The Tiamats’ distinguishing features are their horns and wings, which are reminiscent of those of dragons. There were five dragon gods who became their ancestors, and so which bloodline a Tiamat carries and how long they’ve carried it determines the color of their skin, and the color of their horns and wings are different.

58. ディヴァイン (Diviner); Dept. Heaven
Weapons containing the authority of the gods, which only Grim Angels can use. In order to wield Diviners, all Grim Angels must first sacrifice a part of themselves. Traditionally, Diviners are named after the first Grim Angels who wield them. However, the artificially made Skadi series are not.

59. 天使族 (angels); Dept. Heaven
A race of angel seen in Asgard. As the bearers of the gods’ blessings, angels swear absolute loyalty and obedience to them. They have wings, and assist the armies of Asgard in patrolling Heaven’s Gate. They do not have a “lifespan” per se, but because their existence is tied to Asgard, the destruction of Asgard would cause their extinction. The gods cannot destroy angels. For that purpose the creation of angels is considered the most important of matters. When angels are punished by the gods, they are robbed of their powers, and convicted as “Fallen” exiles. Angels cannot stand against those with special powers like the Grim Angels or those with the power of Niflheim.

60. 転生石 (Transmigragem); Yggdra Union
The treasure necessary for the Undines’ survival. As all Undines are female, they must transmigrate to prolong their lives. Without this, they would not be able to transmigrate; they would be destroyed.

61. 天竜リンドヴルム (Heavenly Dragon Lindwurm); Riviera: The Promised Land
One of the Accursed. He was sealed at the apex of the giant tree in the middle of the Nelde forest ruins. He has the form of a massive dragon, and attacks with freezing breath.

62. 塔 (tower); Knights in the Nightmare
A tower reaching into the heavens, which the people of the west have constructed for the second time. They hoped that their wish would be granted upon its completion, but they because they incited the anger of the gods, the tower was destroyed again.

63. 常闇の迷宮 (Maze of Shadows); Riviera: The Promised Land
The phantasmal strata that Hector created, modeled after Asgard. These three strata are the Ruby Tier, Emerald Tier, and Sapphire Tier. Hector is in a fourth layer distorted from these three.

64. ドラゴンゾンビ (Dragon Zombie); Riviera: The Promised Land
A massive, evil dragon of hatred. It holds the “Key to Hell”, and is protecting a Hades Gate. It’s an underling of Hades, lord of Niflheim.

65. 人間 (human); Dept. Heaven
The ordinary beings who live on the surface worlds. In mindset and appearance, they are no different than us. Their existence is tempting to monsters and demons because of their feelings and desires.

66. ネスティコ人 (Nestico race); Knights in the Nightmare
They’re the indigenous people of the land, but they’ve accepted immigrants since ancient times, have a low social status in the Knight Kingdom. Because of that, they’re currently seen as the middle class in the government system of the knight orders, and were granted their ancestral lands, the land surrounding the town by the lake. As a side note, the proper name of the lakeside town is Nestikafica (meaning “light like that of two moons”), and “Nestico” means “moonlit one”. Their appearance is the same as the Rondalia, and their temperaments are also similar.

67. ハデスゲート (Hades Gate); Dept. Heaven
The land of encroachment where Niflheim and the surface worlds are connected. Demons enter the surface worlds through this gate. A Hades Gate can easily be built by a demon god, but the demon god itself cannot invade the surface worlds through it. In the world of Riviera, it is also known as a “Chaos Gate”.

68. バルモア人 (Balmore race); Knights in the Nightmare
The indigenous people who live in the western hills. They used to share the land with the Nestico people on the eastern coast and the Lemonoug people from the south, but they now suffer a harsh lifestyle as the lowest class because they held out in resisting the Knight Kingdom until the end. Their rich hills were transformed to scorched earth when the Kilgia tower—their very last resistance—collapsed, and many Balmore people lost their lives. The small number of Balmore survivors cling to life despite their current cruel environment.

69. ファンタジニア王国 (Kingdom of Fantasinia); Yggdra Union
Country last ruled by King Ordene, its 31st sovereign. After it was conquered by Gulcasa, Yggdra underwent the coronation ritual and succeeded the throne. The country has a fair climate and vast, fertile lands.

70. 封魔の塔 (sealed demon’s tower); Riviera: The Promised Land
A separate building constructed in the heart of the demon castle. Bewitchingly beautiful moonlight illuminates this room. This is where the demon knight Isher is sealed.

71. 不文律 (unwritten law); Knights in the Nightmare
The taboo record of the surface worlds’ law which is entrusted only to the Arbitrator, passed down from generation to generation. It’s an oral tradition meant never to be written down, but one Arbitrator broke this taboo, and it was left as a written document.

72. フレーベル大聖堂 (Flaybell Cathedral); Riviera: The Promised Land
A grandiose cathedral at the peak of an island where it’s said that fallen angels once appeared. Inside, there’s an immense statue of a goddess. This is the fallen archangel’s castle.

73. ブロンキア帝国 (Empire of Bronquia); Yggdra Union
The nation ruled by Blazing Emperor Gulcasa. After Gulcasa became Emperor through a coup d’état, it was reborn as a military state.

74. ヘヴンズゲート (Heaven’s Gate); Dept. Heaven
The land of encroachment where Asgard and the surface worlds are connected. Although Heaven’s Gate is certainly connected to each surface world, Archangels (guardian angels) protect these gates.

75. 魔界 (Utgard); Dept. Heaven
The many worlds existing in Niflheim. This is what the demons in Niflheim call their world. Riviera was originally a part of Utgard.

76. 魔剣士イシュエル (demon knight Isher); Riviera: The Promised Land
One of the Accursed. He sees a certain demon god as his absolute lord, and follows that demon god’s orders zealously. He was sealed at the Sealed Demon’s tower, but was accidentally released by Ein and appeared there.

77. 魔神 (demon god); Dept. Heaven
The high-ranking demons with wisdom and power which follow the Lord of Niflheim. Along with the various demons and Accursed, they form the single community that is Utgard.

78. 魔物 (demons); Dept. Heaven
Generic, low-ranking demons different from the demon gods and the Accursed. Various types like slimes and skeletons are produced by the demon gods. They are used as slaves by the demon gods and Accursed. Furthermore, living beings from the surface worlds can be turned into demons via magic or curses.

79. 魔竜ブロンガ (Demon Dragon Brongaa); Yggdra Union
Known as the Dragon of Purgatory; his existence plunged the world into its dark ages. Modern religious creed in the Empire associates him with mountains and worships him as a wild god. Gulcasa is Brongaa’s direct descendant.

80. 冥王ゾルガナーク (Zolgonark, king of the underworld); Knights in the Nightmare
The existence carrying absolute power and commanding myriad demons, the king of Niflheim. The same class of being as Hades from Riviera. What remains of his power has been sealed, but…

81. 冥王ハーデス (Hades, king of the underworld); Riviera: The Promised Land
The final form of the three-headed king of Niflheim, Zolgonark, who appeared in “Knights in the Nightmare”. However, defeat has not changed his chilling power, and the intense presence of the king of Niflheim has not changed. He stands in the way of Ein’s party, who accidentally crossed through a Hades Gate.

82. 冥府 (Niflheim; Hell) Dept. Heaven
The territory beyond the gods. A world ruled by chaos. It’s said that its realm is constantly, infinitely expanding. Essentially, “survival of the fittest” is the only way of life there, which is the only way to perpetuate life in such a fluid world.

83. メリア教国 (Meria precinct); Yggdra Union
Religious state ruled by Joachim, 47th pope of the Meria religion. It is split into the Joachim and Juvelon sects, and sectarian infighting is still going on. All Fantasinian coronations take place in the holy land of Welheim.

84. 勇者ギル (Gill the brave); Yggdra Union
The brave man who defeated the fearsome Dragon of Purgatory, Brongaa. Milanor received his dragon-slaying blade “Dragon Eater” from his descendants, who live in Lost Aries.

85. 有文律 (written law); Knights in the Nightmare
The document on which an Arbitrator recorded the abilities he possessed and the details of how to use them. Such a thing was never meant to exist, so it was sealed by the Tiamats, but a copy was discovered by Cardinal Capehornus and has passed into the hands of Yellma.

86. ユーメル人 (Yumel race); Knights in the Nightmare
The residents of the magical village of Yumira, a world of illusion which a special magical army wound up in. It’s said to exist in a hole in space-time. Its people are said to be ageless because of their special magic…

87. ラロッカ人 (Larocca race); Knights in the Nightmare
The descendants of the old Lantaroca dynasty, which has died out already. It’s said that the old Lantaroca dynasty was able to hear the voices of the gods. The priestesses (queens) ruled the dynasty for generations, continuing its prosperity. The descendants of those priestesses are now called Larocca. As time went by, they gradually became unable to hear the gods’ voices anymore, and it’s said that this is why the dynasty fell. Almost as though they wear diluted rouge, their skin is a pink color.

88. レモヌーグ人 (Lemonoug race); Knights in the Nightmare
Indigenous people who used to live in the southern part of St. Celestina, but their land was taken by the knight orders so they could build Fort Gerhalt there. The Lemonoug who lost their land moved to the lake’s northern coast, but it’s said that even that eternally foggy and miasma-infringed land was burned and destroyed. It’s because of this that the survivors, like Vilgo and Vienya, have gray skin.

89. 連環石群 (chained stone pathways); Riviera: The Promised Land
The huge floating stones seen everywhere in Heaven’s Gate are connected by iron chains. This is the way they were built, but corrosion has set in and they’re very unstable as a result.

90. ロスト・アリエス (Lost Aries); Yggdra Union
According to legend, this is the place where the Grim Angel Aries died. It was reduced to scorched earth during the Great Sorcery War, and the scars from that time still remain. Gulcasa went there to complete the Ritual of Soul Unbinding.

91. ロンダリア人 (Rondalia race); Knights in the Nightmare
“Those of the chosen race”. This race makes up the majority of the kingdom. They were hunters and gatherers in the lands the Elvale race ruled from the ancient days. They’ve always had a mixed-race background, and there’s great diversity in their temperaments and appearances and tend to dress according to their personalities, but they’re still the middle class of this world.


*Niflheim: Atlus has translated 冥府 as both "Hell" and "the Underworld", but I translated it in keeping with Atlus' original Norse theme.

*Knights in the Nightmare names: I stuck to Sting's Romanizations wherever possible, as Atlus' translations of series terms really failed to be consistent in their localization. I did try to stick to saying "XX race" instead of "XX-ans", but sometimes that just got too awkward.

*Aries: The entry on Aries references the larger Yggdra Union section of the book when it brings up his "sin". I haven't yet done a full translation of this, but basically Aries was a pacifist who was made a Grim Angel against his will. When he was ordered to fight, he balked and refused, which got him in massive trouble in Asgard (you've seen their stance on Grim Angels here). It wasn't long after this that he was exiled; it's implied that Hector had a lot to do with it, but just what Hector did is never stated.

*Japanese text: I'm still a student and it's fully possible that there are errors in my translation, so I've included the original text of the book here as a reference.

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2010-04-16 07:08 pm (UTC)
D: I can't believe I haven't thanked you for this translation yet. I have read it ages ago. And I forgot. T_T So thank you very much for translating this much! Every bit about teh Dept. Heavens eries you translate is awesome♥
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[User Picture]From: feral_phoenix
2010-04-16 10:26 pm (UTC)
Ffffff, you're welcome. o/
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